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Roadside Assistance

One call away for repair

It's no secret... Truck "down time" is expensive. We are on standby and will give an accurate ETA. Deliver exceptional fast service with a competitive rate.

You are a priority!

Dealer Level Diagnostic Software


That's right! 

We bring the power and capabilities of dealer level software to you.

Onsite Repair

Mobile Repair units available!

Have an issue. No worries... We will come to the truck or trailer's location for repair. No need to pay towing fees. No need to make arrangements to have a driver drop off the equipment at the shop.

Onsite Preventative Maintenance

That's right we come to you!

This service could help with roadside issues and save time and money over the road.

It's a small cost for what could cause bigger issues. This could keep D.O.T. off your back with fees and having to send your truck/trailer to a shop for repairs when it's most inconvenient.

Truck Checklist

  • Check tire pressure (100 lbs PSI)
  • Gauge tire tread
  • Wiper blades
  • Coolant level
  • Power steering fluid
  • Battery voltage and connections
  • Light inspection
  • Grease chassis
  • Grease drive train and fifth wheel
  • Inspect drive train
  • Inspect fan and engine belt
  • Inspect hoses
  • Inspect for any large air leaks
  • Inspect wheel seals
  • Cabin air filter
  • Check transmission fluid
  • Differential fluid
  • Check D.O.T. annual inspection

Trailer Checklist

  • Check lights
  • Inspect suspension
  • Inspect for air leaks
  • Check tire pressure (100 lbs PSI)
  • Gauge tires
  • Check wheel seals
  • Check hub fluid levels
  • Inspect for any solids in hub oil
  • Inspect frames for any cracks or breaks in weld
  • Inspect king pin plate
  • Inspect landing gear for cracks in welds
  • Inspect landing gear shoes
  • Grease slack adjusters
  • Grease landing gear and gear box
  • Check D.O.T. tape
  • Check D.O.T. annual inspection date
  • Inspect brakes and percentage of life left % _____
  • Inspect brake drums

Yard Check Service

A great service investment!

This could help with down time... Say your driver is at the "drop yard". He is now doing his "pre trip". He notices something is wrong. Don't deal with the headache of trying to figure out how to switch trailers or trying to find a mechanic to repair your issue when time can not be spared.

Yard Check Includes inspection of the following:

  • Broken light bases
  • Brake shoes 
  • Wheel seals 
  • Tire inflation 
  • Tire tread depth
  • Hub cap leaks 
  • King pin plate 
  • Landing gear (crack in welds)
  • Sand shoes 
  • Crank handle
  • Landing gear fastener tension
  • Suspension overlook
  • D.O.T. Inspection due dates

Tire Replacement/ Tire Repair

Onsite or roadside

Tire replacement and repair on tire sizes:

  • 17.5
  • 19.5
  • 22.5
  • 24.5

D.O.T. Annual Inspections

Onsite Inspections

Have an "Annual Inspection" coming up?

Give us a call or shoot us an email for an appointment.

Mobile Welding

Need welding?...

Have an issue that needs welding? Modification? Fabricating?

We have the experts to get the job done.

Air Conditioning

System charge or repair

We have certified technicians on standby to repair your issue.

Stay comfortable.

Brake Replacement

Certified friction techs.

Friction certified technicians on standby. Contact to schedule 

an appointment for repair.

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